The Omez TitanBeam™ 10R is an Intelligent Moving Head fixture featuring a 280 watt Osram discharge bulb. The TitanBeam™ 10R is a 3 functions in 1 fixture with Beam, Spot and Wash effects. This fixture produces a beam angle of 0-4° with electronic focus and a zoom angle of 4-15° via DMX. This fixture features a 13 color + open color wheel and two gobo wheels one with 14 static gobos and the other with 9 glass rotating gobos. The TitanBeam™ 10R also features an 8 facet circular prism and a 6 facet linear prism. This unit is fully operational in two mounting position; upright or upside down. Data control input is via 3 pin and 5 pin DMX in and out connections. Rigging for this unit includes mounting bracket for hanging, c-clamps and safety and DMX cables.

UPC: 738517905241
MPN: OM324


•Lamp: 280w Discharge Bulb
•Beam Angle: 0-4°
•Zoom: 4-15°
•Prism 1: 8 Facet Circular Prism
•Prism 2: 6 Facet Linear Prism
•Color Wheel: 13 Dichroic Colors + Open
•Gobo Wheel 1: 14 Static Gobos + Open
•Gobo Wheel 2: 9 Rotating Glass Gobos + Open
•Cooling: Fan Cooled
•Display: LED Touch Screen Menu Display
•Dimmer: 0-100% Linear Dimming
•Focus/Zoom: Electronic
•Power Supply: 100 – 240V 50/60Hz
•Operation: Master/Slave, Sound Activated, Stand Alone, DMX
•DMX Channel Mode: 13, 16 & 20 via 3 Pin & 5 Pin Connections
•Dimensions: 18” x 18.75” x 23.75”
•Weight: 45.6lbs.
•CE & RoHS Compliant

TitanBeam™ 10R