Rental Price:8X12   $350.00 USD for One Day 

 Rental Price:12X16 $550.00 USD for One Day 

 Rental Price:20X20 $850.00 USD for One Day 

 Rental Price:30X20 $1500.00 USD for One Day

ON: 8/1/ 2016

Go-Truss™ Blue

GO TRUUS  Rental

1.5M  Rental Price:  $15.00 USD for One Day 

2M  Rental Price:      $20.00 USD for One Day 

TitanHaze™ 1500

TitanHaze™ 1500

 Rental Price:$ 35.00 USD for One Day 

Retail price:$ 399.00 USD

ON: 8/1/ 2016

The all new TitanHaze™ 1500 is a fog hazer that boasts 1500 watts of power. This high power hazer takes only 60 seconds to warm up and start operation. Haze volume and fan speed are user adjustable. The TitanHaze™ 1500 has a 2 Liter removeable tank and an on board LED Display for stand alone operation. The TitanHaze™ 1500 can also be controlled by DMX (3 pin and 5 pin) 2 channels, or by the included RF remote control. This unit also has a yoke for truss mounting or other installation purposes.